MetaphoRick on “Thought Racers”

MetaphoRick on “Thought Racing”

Why kids ask so many questions

MetaphoRick “Chief Conspiracy Theorist” at Work

Country announces ban on crypto to the world only to not prosecute during sanction.

Would a country hire the services of some of it’s wealthiest citizens and use AI to suppress the prices of precious metals and crypto to cut off avenues of escape for countries it has sanctioned?

Who and what are “Sleeper Whales” anyway?

Do Conspiracy Theorists just say out loud what the “Thought Racer” has thought a thousand times.

          The Life of a “Thought Racer” ask Me how I Know

                                    Thought Racers                   

Surprised to find that “racing thoughts” are an illness.

     I googled it “racing thoughts” and there it was a long section of articles on how to rid oneself of this debilitating, depressive, life altering condition.

   Wait a minute I said, this runs in my family and like in the movie “Teen Wolf” we have had to explain to each generation that it exists and must be dealt with and the best way to do that is to treat it as a “Gift” and use it to One’s advantage.

   My first encounter was in grade school as smart as I was, when taking the reading comprehension portion of the S.A.T. these thoughts would race through my mind trying to prove how one of the other answers could be just as correct as the one I sort of thought they wanted, all the time eating up my valuable time. “TIME” the teacher would say; thank God I had answered enough  to pass the test but this was not my best; I was an “A” student.

   Fortunately, my mom told me to try not to “over think” it and then another teacher repeated the saying; pretty soon it sunk in and I did better.

   Later in life I noticed an elderly female family member had began to express her thoughts of all the ways another family member was out to do her harm. This went on until she passed away and in her own way she had always been a hardworking, joyful person loving plants and simple things and her grandchildren.

     Then it happened, I began to see signs in siblings and cousins all “overthinking” things sometimes to the point of paranoia with substance abuse being a multiplier of the matter.

    You can’t blame it all on genetics either; society and mass media has done it’s part with 24 hour news cycles and script writers introducing films that reenforced the concept of thought manipulation, conspiracy theories and red pill blue pill (I never watched the whole thing).

In the future they might be saying “ If we had only listened to that “Conspiracy Theorist” or if we hadn’t tried to cure all of the “Thought Racers” we’d be much further along.

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