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BIG is for  Business Ideas Group
BIG is for
Business Ideas Group

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Search images for “vintage toy scooters” and you might see the skate board in it’s infancy .The young person who decided to remove the handle . weather on purpose or the end results of a nasty fall ; moved it closer to a skateboard then from 2 wheels to roller skate wheels and so on .

In Like manner I see us as the children of the evolution of the BLOCKCHAIN with the distinct advantage of being able to protect and profit from the BLOCKCHAIN as we grow it . Here is a link for a couple of companies that are already capitalizing on the trend at a corporate level.

We at BIGINKDOT will be sharing our “Ideas” on how to use it at an individual level. To start with we are “THINKing” that in the same way in the old days you could mail an invention back to yourself as a way of establishing some sort of “first to invent proof” by way of official US mail date stamp ; this “Poor Man’s Patent ” was determined to be an inefficient alternative bearing little strength against the rich patent thieves.

I feel it is up to us non-geek types to “break the handle off ” of this BLOCKCHAIN thing and not wait on the techies to tell us how to ride this phenomenal discovery (nobody owns it). I’ve been playing with it already; the other day I sent Bitcoin from one of my e-wallets to another one of my e-wallets and in the message box it hinted of one of my latest inventions with some code words only making sense when over-layed over my invention description. So if you know anything about the BLOCKCHAIN you should know that it is a “Beast” when it comes to encryption and what ever get inside is inside for life for all the world to see and to come back to and see again and again..
HERE’S AN IDEA GET PAID FOR BLOGGING CREATE YOUR STEEMIT Whatever you do don’t lose your password (because you don’t get a second chance!!rsz_1rsz_20170709_191031 Magnets a product of Imaginethiscompany,com c 2005 ITC

We Predict that “UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS” will create the biggest adoption to Crypto Currency in recent years as the individual learns of the goodwill of the different “Crypto Communities” join together to buy, sell and trade amongst themselves using their assets of choice and to quickly convert them to “whatever”.

WE GOT “CLAIMS ON DOMAINS” that means that whosoever come after us would have to “Pay to Piper” weather they be a “Billion Dollar Company” or a “Major Artist” or a “Mom & Pops” they’ll have to Pay Up

Also this means that because I’m holding large amounts of crypto assets, I can afford to pay you 20% – 30% more for your product or service than if I was paying in “Cash”. People this is something you should give careful consideration and not be “Going There but Be There” when others arrive!

“Not Financial Advice but pretty darn close”