Telling Us at BIGINKDOT to be “Focused” on one Product or Service is like telling a Super Market they must Focus on selling one Fruit or Vegetable “WE ARE IN THE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS” at present we are filling our “BINS” with long standing or up and coming products and services and programs (to IBOs, Affiliates and Members with special challenges) support our ‘Random Rain Project” when it’s completed.

You can always get information on how to sell one of the products we promote or save your assets where we save ours by clicking the link that’s next to it’ At Biginkdot we (our links) are the On-Ramp to promising new opportunities. We get the individual headed in the general direction. 

We’re Just an On Ramp

think of Dapps with smart contracts as “Virtual Toll Bridges” or “Virtual Vending Machines” collecting HU or Drip or some other crypto every Hour Minute Second of Every Day ……………..

When You own the Bridge
Like Setting up Your Own Lane for your chosen crypto currency. At present we like receiving “Drip” from the “Drip Faucet” and HU in “Hyperverse Rewards”

Our Drip Network Link: and we’ll be Your “Drip Buddy !!! Watch Videos to Learn before Joining.

Join the “Hyperverse Community here after learning enough details . 

“As with all opportunities there are Risk so do your own due diligence”


Clean the Air in Your Personal Space and Keep the Virus “Out of Your Face”

Vollara Associate link

Clean Living Spaces return to “Normal” Now



Growing Physical Silver Indoors!

Growing Physical Silver By Any Means Necessary 


James Brown had a song “Don’t need nobody to give me nothing open the door and I’ll get it myself” If this is you and you need to get into “Drip Network and You need a “Buddy”

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