So here’s a letter that I formed to post to my Friends and Family, who for the most part only speak USD (US DOLLAR)

I was writing to help you to get an understanding of Bitcoin so that You might see how it could help with Your Finances . The first step I recommend is for you to open a “Coinbase” wallet it’s free and you don’t have to make a deposit just open it and be sure to write down your password information. Now don’t think it strange to at some point to have to attach a bank account (its where you will withdraw your fund to when you convert them back to cash get used to verifying that you are who you say you are to the different exchanges. So here is our Coinbase Link
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I think that learning to speak another language either when you are young or the language is young is the easiest.
Once you have your Wallet you are ready to go after some serious Profits  Or try your hand at penning a blog for profits on the “Steemit” platform You can even do it on their “Dime/ $7 lol.
Which denominations of currency does the Federal Reserve issue?
The Federal Reserve Board currently issues $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes. The largest denomination Federal Reserve note ever issued for public circulation was the $10,000 note.

On July 14, 1969, the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury announced that banknotes in denominations of $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 would be discontinued due to lack of use. Although they were issued until 1969, they were last printed in 1945.
#itslike if Bitcoin was a10,000 Dollar Bill that needed to be deposited in an account (first) then spent like any other denomination.
Would you say I don’t want to open an account because I can’t start with a $10,000 deposit. No you would open an account for any part of $10,000 that might come your way. It i.s for this reasons most crypto-currencies have a decimal point followed by up to 8 0’s (1.00000000) hence you may for example; buy a whole $10000.00 coin or just .00000300 worth of the $10000.00

On that note; my brother , my sister I say “borrow vessels and not a few” or “open wallets” because no amount of “Bitcoin” can be held on a bank ledger not yet;.it needs a wallet attached to the “Block Chain”

A Video to add a new perspective

It’s Not Financial Advice It’s Infotainment





One of the first things you will need to grasp about crypto-currency is the fact that there are 7 to 8 places to thr right of the decimal point (they are called Statoshis ) this allows whosoever will to acquire very minute fractions of a particular digital currency or asset allowing those with the most meager of means to acquire a store it on the worlds largest digital ledger the “Block Chain” for pennies. With the new K-1 Phone using Voice over blockchain via android iso and satellite persons of even the most remote regions of the earth will be able to grow wealth.
I started out using the “Cryptonator” – “Service Tab” to “Converter” to quickly calculate my bitcoin transactions from BTC to Dollar then Euro then other Cryptos. After using it for years for “free” I felt kinda guilty so I opened up a wallet. Here’s

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