So here’s a letter that I formed to post to my Friends and Family, who for the most part only speak USD (US DOLLAR)

I was writing to help you to get an understanding of Bitcoin so that You might see how it could help with Your Finances . The first step I recommend is for you to open a “Coinbase” wallet it’s free and you don’t have to make a deposit just open it and be sure to write down your password information. Now don’t think it strange to at some point to have to attach a bank account (its where you will withdraw your fund to when you convert them back to cash get used to verifying that you are who you say you are to the different exchanges. So here is our Coinbase Link
Go to Coinbase   

A Video to add a new perspective 

It’s Not Financial Advice It’s Infotainment


One of the first things you will need to grasp about crypto-currency is the fact that there are 7 to 8 places to thr right of the decimal point (they are called Statoshis ) this allows whosoever will to acquire very minute fractions of a particular digital currency or asset allowing those with the most meager of means to acquire and store it on the worlds largest digital ledger the “Block Chain” for pennies. In the future Phones will use “Voice over blockchain” via android iso and satellite and persons of even the most remote regions of the earth will be able to grow wealth.
Today there are mixed emotions about Bitcoin and great misconceptions even by the biggest Bank, Hedge funds and Financial Gurus out there. They can only see it as a “Stand alone” highly volatile vehicle to invest in for stability and or liquidity ; forgetting that it is a prime ingredient used in the birth and development of 90 – 95%  of all projects in development now and in the future. So Bitcoin  “Primed the Pump” but today many coins are launching off of new, faster more stable coins on less expensive platforms.  

The question need to be asked does the developers care if the price of gold or silver fluctuate when designing  new electronic and solar products? If No; then neither do new defi projects and the likes.

Anyway Bitcoin and Blockchain are from GOD


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