MetaphoRick Adds Streams for 2022
Tell your phone to get a JOB with Instant Recall

MetaphoRick Adds Streams for 2022

Add Streams of Income
MetaphoRick says shower yourself with Streams of income
feed your phone bill
Tell your phone to get a JOB with Instant Recall

In the military throughout the ranks it is stressed that at all levels from the Division down to the Individual Soldier the ability to “Shoot, Move and COMMUNICATE. Hence these “Streams of Income” help to keep cell phones connected and cars and trucks running and notes paid.

            “Another Man’s Hobby/Habit Your Business”

I had always attributed this quote to Warren Buffet but today I am unable to find the association.  The concept, however, still holds true; individuals will continue to seek out and buy those things that satisfy their habits and build their hobbies to the desired level of satisfaction.

Below are ways to get in the way “collectors”

 Reseller Videos to subscribe and “all notifications bell”

Sell Paper & Mags

Sell Collectibles online  “Auction Professor”

Learn to Search Change and Bills for Profit


MWR Helping many to Reset /Recalibrate or create an Income Stream

Visit today Before Making a Move Forward

MetaphoRick has his own funny way of getting his message across but hopefully something will trigger us as we see the deeper meaning behind the art.

Home Stagers stage Multi-million dollar Homes- Domain Stagers Stage Your Domain/s for Your Most Valuable Domain Clients.

Having a list of “blockchain domains” of interest to billion dollar companies one should consider presenting it in the most favorable light displaying use cases that leap into the immediate future and far beyond. Unlike Dotcom Domains. “Blockchain Domains” are Next Level Assets of the Holder.

While not being Home Stagers or Domain Stagers we nevertheless have a general idea of what we would most likely want to see upon arriving at the domain’s website or profile. First in the Profile of level three Domains the owner should be “Verified” and one other social site reference ie. Linkedin.

On the webpage for the Name It should be explained the  importance of “Being First” recommend this 10 yr old but relevant article.

Mention that when it comes to “Location, Location, Location” positioning on Web3 will be paramount to companies seeking to be thought of as “Forward Thinking” and ahead of the “Wait and see Crowd”