A Pandydemic Fairy Tales

Pandydemic Fairy Tales and Happy Endings

One time long ago in the little town of Youtar the little people could see the Pandydemic Bear way off in the distance and all of the other towns and countries purchased sharp PandyDarts to ward off the Pandydemic .

   Now the town of Youtar loved it’s people but could not wait on PandyDarts for all of it’s people and even if they could they knew that many lives would be lost in the time it would take to convince all the people that the darts were safe; at least for the immediate future (although no science for 2-5 years post).

   It was then that one of the Youtartarians remembered the Nobel Prize winning inventor of You&Ivermedicine and decided to combine it with a few other fighting VitaMens and Menerals to lead in an assault on the PandyDemic Bear.

   Families began receiving the “Early Fighting Teams” into their homes and before long the town of Youtar was being recognized by it’s people and the world over as “the Country that Could” and in fact did flatten the Pandydemic Bear.

   To further “Flatten the Bear and prevent its return the town of Youtar talked with The Business Ideas Group Ink LLc and implemented an idea to mist the land with You&Ivermedicine Chemtrails.

   And the town of YOUTAR was PREDESHIONED to live Happily ever after.                                         By Lloyd W. Jones Jr and metaphoRick