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Know what I’m Saying?

Join me here as I keep my ear to the ground and head on a swivel relaying my perspective using “metaphors”, coded messages, parables and thought provoking “word clouds” and a play on words.

Come with me as I use “Current events” to go “up the creek without a paddle”. “Broken Clocks are right twice a day and it’s always 6 o’clock somewhere. Below is an excerpt of a recent article a sort of “When You see it ” in Real Life:

The Civil Pandemic War

The “Right to Bear Arms” (the ones chosen for you)

Unvaxed Guerilla Warfare.

 Sophisticated Vax Weapons of Big Pharma

The New Military Industrial Complex 

 Guerillas live off the Land Zinc, D3, C, “Iver”

Guerillas use tactics to slow and harass the enemy 

Suicide Virus Spreaders?  

Remember the Virus that Cried Wolf

Some perish for lack of knowledge.
Why Distort and Prohibit less Costly Options?
Unvaxed say Come Let Us Reason
Question: Why Why Unvaxed Stop Our “Normal Now”?
Answer: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vTFMMasGQPyb