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When things began to change at DRIPNETWORK – We took notes

Drip Coach 9/16/23:  Mean while prepare to sell the Faucet Code along with br34ps at 6 24 to an altcoin or meme coin developer in the sub-zero to 5 or 6 cent range for a cool 4 or 5 million to use as a crypto adoption tool for the masses; “When your community wants to play checkers play chess” “One communities trash is a mass market’s Treasure, Wish I had that code! I’ll Wait … Peace&Love IFAMs- Ideas For All Mankind

9/12/23 Bartertown Conglomerate comment: Drip at 1 cent is the greatest adoption tool to ever exist in the space, a priceless education in investing in and growing crypto currencies with the “miracle grow” of 1 percent compounded with referral bonuses but 150k are deciding not to reach down during a “Bear Market” they fail to see the Macro Big Picture of 1.5mil new members before the “Halving” (even a 1 cent) We have a chance to regain what was loss and onboard millions into crypto Marketing Drip as an Investment or “fixing the book” to benefit those already in will be difficult if not impossible. There are already many that can’t stomach Early Investors making their multi-millions before they make/earn their first million; they’re obsessed with exposing them and would cut the Drip Baby in half before they allow them to grow. Declare a “Content creator Truce” let it run for 4 months, market drip to the mass as the safest and least expensive way to learn crypto before the bull market, teach multiple wallets and self-referring as a desirable skill level. Go Figure Peace & Love

9/13/23 to this I add allow current members to “migrate/upgrade” to Forex’s new version Drip 4 to 5 months down the road or stay with teaching the masses building “Penny Max Wallets” like penny stocks  (then current max wallets and above automatically upgrade/migrate)

Drip Coach comment 09/04 I advocate finding a “First Follower” in the Defi space because of the “simplicity” of the 3 step process Accumulate, Hydrate and Claim for 1%; while many of us are shell shocked by the abuse of the “Referral System”; ascending up from the .01 range would be a whole different animal. Please watch “First Follower: Leadership Lessons From the Dancing Guy” Drip is the Dancing Guy, we need to find a First Follower

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Options are few Use max wallets to dca into “Drip the meme” or some other meme, donate a wallet or two to charity or needy family member, or create hopeism videos for those riding drip back up 200 a month on push button is easier than an insulin shot. The riding this down elevator is no fun but was all discretionary at least that was what we taught and were taught. Peace and Love

Drip Coach comment 08/30  I was not being facetious or negative when I commented riding “Drip the Meme Coin” back to it’s place of the best “Store of Value” for any coin at any price during a “Bull Market” I complained I had no shoes to cover my feet in Bad weather until I saw a man with no feet; I wept to see the price of my assets falling until I saw coins with no “Facet” in a Bull Market. Maybe there’s too much pride to call ourselves a meme and too selfish to share the concept with other coins. AI gave me a code to bring a coin from sub-zero 6 zeros to .01 at 3% daily then 2% daily then finally to 1% daily by modifying the drip faucet contract unfortunately I can’t read code but the market will love us for it as we raise all ships.

Pachino comment 8/26/23 New Subscriber Great content and perspective it’s only a matter of time before the market will realize that having a 1%, compounding “Faucet” on top of their crypto investment puts them at an advantage over those without one. I asked Chat-Gpt about the possibility of “White Labeling” a Smart Contract (with Drip in mind) believing the concept would have a market-wide effect and the competition would bring interest to “Drip the Leader”

Just wondering what would he be charged with other than creating a Smart Contract where like all Smart Contracts there needs to be a 1st Partaker and what if you have the skills to incorporate a code that returns a portion to yourself for your efforts regardless of it success; the rest relies on the Risk Tolerance of the individual investor. (Smart Contracts comes with no promises) to chase the “undocted” imo is a waste of time and time is money in both fiat and crypto. 

I Saw all of the “Sellers” selling are there that many Buyers buying this “Blood in the Streets” are there some out there who are emotionless about the thousands that mis-timed the Drip wave from the near ATH to these ATLs. Remember this; To be stereotyped into a community is more hurtful when you have no choice in the actions of those entering ahead of you, (I don’t know my daddy) ask any African American of the 60s. The smart contract is a hard coded immutable “System” and Systems work when people don’t; put it before any coin at any price and it should do what it do (last for 2 yrs even if the pace varies) Shib has 5 zeros up 732000% since 04/21 when the EF Huttons of Crypto Speak “People Listened” we need some of these Huttons right now Peace and Love

President of Local Drip- 023 where should we send our List of Demands before Striking . 1.Min Deposits/Buy Ins should be on a sliding scale increasing or decreasing as necessary. Today there are 50116 wallets with under 100 drip. IMO 1 big celeb is worth 100 Influencers Who do we know who wants to make a difference in the lives of everyday Joes promoting crypto adaption via Dripnetwork it’s 2 yrs safe? Can we do 300k new players by years end and 400k Q-1? Not trying to be funny You Da Man!

Mista phi on History of Ray  All I’m saying is there’s something missing here; there is a failure to equate the “Risk Tolerance” of New Members at the various Price Points during the rise and fall of Drip Price, BR34P Price, Minimum Deposit Price of Drip and even the Minimum of 10% of the BNB Price on most exchanges to convert to Drip. Why or when would one buy 2 BR34Ps at $100 ea. (ATH was about $230). – Minimum Drip Deposit with Drip at $100 – 07/05/21 BNB was $624 or $62 minimum buy. There were thousands that need a Door/Buddy to access the 1% daily and compounding. I Personally went with the 1st video sharing a Buddy Address in total disregard of who I would be making rich I would trust and believe that the “Contract” wouldn’t fail me. I’m Closing in on 1st Max wallet w/only 1 referral, opened 1 new wallet with Team Drip 6 wks ago(now has 5 referrals) , over bought 5 -BR34Ps but at 22 -$28 ea. that’s ok. There are over 18000 wallets with less than 100 drip that probably will never grow outside of price movement at the same time there are charts showing Max wallets dropping off of someone’s Referrals Rewards Payroll on a monthly basis; what portion of these joined under Ray??? I don’t know. There are those that had 80K of risk capital and a platform and some had $800 and access to the 1% daily Contract and Team Drip. When Max Wallets become a household name and used by financial institutions worldwide he’ll be a blip on the radar.

@lloydjones752 commenting as

 metaphoRick using metaphors to “Out-Vision” the “Visionary” Every New Member of “Dripnetwork” receives a permit to build Max Wallets using whatever funding and tools available to him/her/company to build at their own pace; to even be ruthless and game the system by hiring “low wage workers” /Referrals unaware of how to start and grow their own. Then the Berkshire Hathaways will come and the Cathie Woods and the Michael Saylors capitalizing on the Max Wallet Concept and even using the DripNetwork Reservoir to solve the complex issue of extreme Heat and Drought via a system of Reservoirs positioned across states and countries worldwide. They will buy or build Max Wallets for their wives, sons, daughters, employee service rewards, wedding gifts and so on. Visit @lloydjones752 to view other bullish Drip related video clips!

 with this mindset (not monetized) just offering a different perspective. Don’t know if this comment will survive the smell test but I’ll copy it for safe keeping. Peace Out