metaphoRick Reporting for LeakyNews1

LeakyNews1 week of June 29 2022

After an attempted hostile takeover by several 3 letter Health organizations and mandate attempts by higher ups, Scotus has came out swinging , removing a 50 year old “mandate” that required all citizens in the nation to render a portion of his or her taxes to be directed toward the legal right to abort and the illegality of government (tax payer funded facilities) to refuse the procedure. Regardless of ones religious beliefs; a portion of everyone’s taxes was used to relieve the carrier of the burden of their choice over what others believe to be the innocent.

The Decision is neither a complete “Victory or Loss” for either side since it appears State by State will be allowed to determine weather to adopt or override the the Federal Law. As it stands one is able to travel to an abortion friendly state to carry out the procedure that’s why it’s cringe worthy to see celebrities schmoozing their audiences knowing quite well they can travel in or out of the US to do what they need to do.

If you are squeamish and easily upset this is where you might want to leave this post because this is where I be “Saying Stuff” On the corner opposite the Supreme Court a young woman is standing with a cardboard sign that reads “went and got myself a little bit pregnant and the court just kicked me off abortion welfare tell me brother/sister can you spare a dime? Another woman stands with a smaller sign with her thumb in the air it reads “To any abortion friendly state”.

The Telepathic Fetus at the Abortion Protest

Fetus: Don’t I have a say in the matter?

Pro Choice Protester: Hellll…. No You don’t exist .

50 years of abortion taxation without representation; Now What?

Performing this summer in “Open Air Concert ” opposite Supreme Court Building is Ms Ricks singing “I Got Them Knocked Up Blues”