E-CURRENCIES ARE HERE TO STAY – LEARN TO PLAY ! WE INVITE YOU TO LEARN ABOUT E-CURRECIES USING PIECES OF BITCOINS AND ALTCOINS VALUED UNDER .01 THAT’S RIGHT UNDER A PENNY! At the least open you up a wallet in case someone want’s to give you something like 500,000 altcoins that increase from under a hundredth of a cent to .10 ( ten cent) . We figure we can all learn together by sharing information that increase knowledge incrementally not a full scholarship or anything . So that, when we see the large figures we don’t immediately think of “Nigerian e-mail scam”. Why Play Money ? It’s so cool to open a “Coinbase wallet Our Link add a few bucks. 

I want to encourage the teaching of the concept of  “Risk Taking” with crypto-currencies as a “Teaching Tool” since the values as mentioned above are minuscule. Young adults as well as those that missed the crucial lessons that it (risk taking) teaches have so much to gain . The “Door” has been opened to the average man or woman with the will to learn and pass on to future generations. Here at Biginkdot we speak in metaphors a lot that way if you grab it you worked for it. 

 When you first realize that you picked up on the fact that Links, wallet addresses and replicated sites are all a form of

 “Virtual Real Estate” and the “Forty Acres and a Mule” that many won’t have “Eyes to See” nor “Ears to Hear” of it’s coming will be yours to use as an “Open Door”

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Troncase Metaphors
Planting a Tron Tree when Tron is around Nickel

Another example:

We are often invited/tempted to play games that while garner some pleasure in winning either money or the thrill of outwitting through skill or chance and 100% of the time the cost to play will be Time, Money or Both. When You come to the point to where you are consumed . You will need a way to escape; the saying above says an escape route will be made using the same thing you are tempted in. “Play Money Game” (not fully developed yet) may be that way of escape. They are PAYING CRYPTO-CURRENCY FOR YOU and I To Learn It (this is free Seed to the Sower) Home School Yourself by visiting some of the sites below ; some are free some come in packages and others have nominal cost . Don’t be selfish increase your knowledge so that you can talk with some understanding to family and associates as you learn more.

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