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You will need a one time 300-330 in cash or Crypto to get in the “mix”Are You “Game”?

In the U.S. since April 2021 means you would be “Early” and you know we at BIGINKDOT don’t usually do the “team building” thing on purpose; this is an exception to the rule because time is short for preparing for the coming economical state .

That being said watch the videos as presented by our Master presenter and request a link from @bigfacebk https://youtu.be/_Z9XQcrlVqg

We are Your Inviter : http://upnomix.com/lloydsrain

Hurry Hurry Don’t Delay Join Today

How to open a KLEVER WALLET

New to Crypto ? – Example of Download and Setup “Klever Wallet to Buy Hold Swap Send and Receive Crypto Assets https://klever.io/rewards/bovRU2YB7HDGLwsX9

USE (Code 7L81GM)

Klever wallet works with both iphone and Android

  1. Download Klever Wallet from your app store
  2. Immediately copy and remember 6 Digit Pin
  3. *IMPORTANT Hand copy the 12 or16 word Phrase (*IN ORDER) keep Safe
  4. *IMPORTANT Hand copy the 12 or16 word Phrase IN ORDER keep Safe
  5. Test 6 Digit Pin by closing and reopening wallet

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