In 2021 we are looking for projects with the potential to grow our net worth with or without a team; for example with Silver Save every month as an individual yet be counted as a Team bring Family, Church, Frat Bro/Sis, Friends, bring everybody! Because there may come a time where “Physical Silver will become accessible to only the wealthy.
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How to Project on setting a goal of having your Coffee β€œFree For Life” and achieve it.


Beginning early February 2021 we began (took a position) in the “Troncase” smart contract. The buy-in was around 140 Tron 100 for the contract and 40 for transaction fees.  Our plan is to grow three “contracts” 1 Personal, 1 for Business and 1 for Family member (technically challenged). As with all of our crypto endeavors we apply strict parameters.# 1  never use more than you can afford to lose. (all). We will be using metaphors to get across to all of our Friends and Family that this is the wave of the future, a “Transfer of Wealth” for the middle class. We are connected with a “Master Rep” for the U.S. Follow this links to Learn More  Experienced ? Use this Referral Link

Forsage like Smart Contracts for Virtual Toll Booths
The ole nickle bridge in Richmond is now 35 cents The “Toll bridge” Metaphor

Troncase Metaphors
Planting a Tron Tree when Tron is around Nickel

Do Your Own Math 

We cant give financial advise so, do the math of what it takes to earn a nickel  every minute at this writing 1 Tron = .051 usd  hence the “Tron Tree” above. Or just go with the fact You’ll be Growing Tron by the Second!

If and when Business slows this Smart Contracts Grows by the Seconds. 

   Who can Write Their Own Contract Payouts ?

Trucker understand 5 cents more a mile .

Vending Machine Operators understand “Traffic every 4 seconds.

Highway Departments understand “Raising Tolls” by 5 cents.

The Average Joe or Jill can imagine saving “water bottles full of nickels.

How about You ? An Orchard of “Nickel Trees” and someday “Dime Trees”


New to Crypto ? – Example of Download and Setup “Klever Wallet to access “Troncase”

Klever wallet works with both iphone and Android

  1. Download Klever Wallet from your app store
  2. Immediately copy and remember 6 Digit Pin
  3. *IMPORTANT Hand copy the 12 or16 word Phrase IN ORDER keep SafE
  4. *IMPORTANT Hand copy the 12 or16 word Phrase IN ORDER keep Safe
  5. Test 6 Digit Pin by closing and reopening wallet
  6. Scroll down to the TRON icon (red triangle) Tap it
  7. Tap the “Receive button Copy address to clipboard send to me via Fb
  8. Friends and Fam will receive TRON to get started Reply w/ I Got Tron
  9. After Receiving “I Got Tron” reply I will send my Referral Link
  10. Copy Referral Link return to your Klever > Tron> Look or strolldown to the bottom click on round world icon you’ll be taken to browser
  11. Now Paste My referral Link into Browser this will take you to Troncase
  12. click on “contribution” you should see “1000”… “Contribution” and “upline partner wallet”
  13. Change the 1000 to at least 200 always leaving 100 in your Klever for fees.
  14. You will be instructed to open your “Troncase contract Tap 3bars to open the personal wallet You should be earning tron every 4 seconds “whalah”

Everyone Else “Not So New”

What is TroncaseπŸ™Œ Create a passive account that can earn you 30- 45% a month using this link 🀯 πŸ’₯START by investing as little as 100 TRX & EARN Daily! STEPS 1.) Download Klever app and have a balance of at least 175 TRX available -100 trx minimum -75 trx to cover gas fees 2.) Copy & Paste the above link in the browser section of Wallet 3)When you get to the troncase home page, click the menu button at the top right corner 4)Click contribution 5)Enter the amount you want to contribute…MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE 75-80 trx available to cover fees…MAKE SURE THE UPLINE BOX HAS AN ADDRESS IN IT, Your almost done and earning! πŸ’°πŸ’° Once you see a successful screen with a βœ” you are done! send me a message and I will confirm you have been signed up and add you to our group! And show you where to get your referral link! πŸ”πŸ” No RECRUITING! REQUIRED😊 but still earn.πŸ’«

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