Truth has no Steering Wheel

 Truth Lack a Steering Wheel

The other day I heard a “Prepper” say in his fb group that he was going to shut his youtube channel down because too many people were getting his helpful prepping tips and strategies for free while people with less important content were getting thousands of views.

   This person was willing to shut his channel down from his followers to prevent others (liberals, socialist and the like) from accessing these truths about prepping.

   I the began to think certain qoutes that I thought were so on point and proved themselves to hold true everytime I applied them yet they turned out to be written or spoken by a bigot or racist or some ungodly person. Thats when I realized Truth has no Steering wheel; It will travel in the direction of whomever has the presence of mind to comprehend it.

hearing truths
Truth goes wherever it can be heard