Crypto Whales Break the Mold

Crypto Whales Do Something

Include Us All Before They Break It

At Biginkdot we’ve been talking a lot about the “Velocity of Crypto” in much the same way as folk in the financial realm would speak of the “Velocity of Money”. We believe that the “Space” as a whole would benefit from masses of “Ordinary” people exchanging what ever crypto they possess between themselves for everyday goods and services using sites like “Unstoppable Domains” to purchase “Blockchain Domains” to send and receive their crypto of choice.

Not asking for “Handouts” here; Just for Someone with the wherewithal to “Break the Mold” Use this Prince clip to get an idea/ “Business Idea” of what we mean:

Exchanges going bankrupt “Selling What’s Already Been Sold Technical Analyst “Telling what’s already Been Told. What’s the Use Being a Crypto Whale If You Ain’t Gonna Break the Mold?

In It’s Entirety Prince music was most likely ahead of his times.

Weather you like him or dislike him It has been often attributed to Prince the act of “Breaking the Mold of the “Music Industry” in the Rights of the Individual Artist to retain their “Master Recordings” and This Changed EVERYTHING! What Say You ? Watch the Documentary Below at Your leisure to experience what we call “The Mindset of Change”