It’s not a Game

Spirit Wars
Wrestle Against Spiritual Wickedness


And the King of that “Great Country” unknowingly (or not) suggested regime change and the “Spirit of Fear” had him and those around him to walk it back; as they say out west.

   It was then that the “Spirit of Daniel” descended from it’s position at the of altitude of  2:20,21 and shouted with a voice of thunder that was at the same time calming to the “children of Ukraine” reminding them of his “communion with God” where his response was recorded both then and “for such a time as this” Dan 2:20 : declaring first his wisdom and his might in other words “He knows about everything and He is Almighty having no fear.

    Then He proceeded to remind men and women both great and small of his “miraculous power” to change times and seasons and that he “removeth kings/regime change” and in fact “setteth up new kings” and because of his Great Wisdom and Might need not walk it back.

   The Spirit of Daniel then began to hover at the altitude of 4:30,31,32,33 over the “kingdom of the Big Bear” displaying a vivid example of another king that had chosen to lift himself up in power only to end up exiled from the company of men “not allowing no one to come near to groom him for fear of poisoning”, his hairs grew very long as eagle feathers.

   And all the people prayed saying “Thy Kingdom Come” that it might be “On Earth as it is In Heaven”

power of the Word
Words are Spirit and Life

                                        1st in the “SPIRIT WARS” series