metaphoRicks cryptolosophy plays out

Updated 06/22/23: Did we just witness another “Great Crypto Reset” did the Exchanges make out like “Bandits”?

For the Exchanges it’s just a “Slap on the Wrist” for the Citizens it’s “Hopes Deferred”

The Crypto and the “Slap on the Wrist Reset” they all do it; the “Industry Giants”. It seems they all agree at some level of success on the “World Stage” to agree to “Reset” for the sake of the Industry as a whole.

Often multi-faceted; remember the “Giant” that took the recent “Talc in the Baby Powder” reset to draw attention away from the other giants pushing through improperly tested products to capitalize on the recent “Health Crisis?

Remember the first of the “Big 3 Banks” to fail or the entertainment industry ; replete with “Slaps” often to create controversy of a newsworthy sort as the entertainer does “damage control” and “reboots” his/her/its career.

Today’s focus is on the “Crypto Industry” or shall we call it the “People’s Money Printer/minter/financial institutions”. Yet “Crypto” is rendering some unintended consequences for the “Slappers” most likely because of it’s ability to be omnipresent. They slap the wrist of two large U.S. exchanges and the exchanges pull up roots and operate in the “webosphere” above another country sending billions in fees along with it as many of the holders and new adopters simply get a “VPN” and “buy the dip” and/or choose a new “entry point respectively.

So you say they’ll ban the use of VPNs; in essence “Virtual Lock Downs” and we all know the economic effect of “Lock Downs”. Just think a country disallowing it’s citizens “Space Travel” in a “Virtual World” to save them from themselves. Suggestion, write or fire your congressman or women.

In closing, I would like to introduce myself; I am “metaphor Rick the character” and I often quote Socrates in “I can’t teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”.

I challenge you to “Do the Math” How much in fees can be made from the time of the announcement of the law suite against “Binance” and the time an amount can be determined. Will Binance and it’s country of origin surpass that amount by then or shortly after? (even if the suite is levied)

Likewise with “Coinbase” who seems willing to go the route of a lengthy court battle; win or lose the court battle they may still win the “Fees from Reset” battle.

As for the citizens striving and hoping to raise their standard of living, this reset will delay their hopes at a critical time in history .

In the Bible it says “Hopes delayed or deferred makes the heart sick”. Sick of elected officials; you think.

Youtuber “Nomad Capitalist” simply says in the “Real World” get citizenship and “Go where you’re treated best” maybe one should also get a VPN and go elsewhere in the “Webosphere” where Crypto is treated best.

Web3 Tools is our preferred VPN . is our preferred Dapp