metaphorick phones are people too

metaphorick phones are people too

Hi this is metapho-Rick of “biginkdot dotcom” the objective of this post is to express to all “phone holders of age” that their cell phones should be considered to be “people too” and that they can and in fact should pay their own way (the phones that is). That’s right, they should be demanded , deployed, setup by their holders to pay some portion if not all of their monthly bill.

Think about it; if there was a individual living under your roof , not contributing to any of the associated cost of running a functional household; you would want them to get out and find work.

Now days our phones ride along in our shirt pockets, on our dashboard phone holders even beside us in our beds, all the while listening for that magic word to tell an advertiser “Hey He or She just mentioned out loud your product line wait a minute then shoot him an ad”.

You as the “Phone owner” should realize that that phone is your “Dependent” it depends on you to keep it alive by paying it’s bill. Amongst all of it’s other uses it’s spying on you for the “Advertisers”. What a way to say, Thanks.

It’s right here that you should put your foot down and demand it to “Get a Job” and even offer to participate in the job search. All of the jobs will be work from home by default. It would be best to do some due diligence on the company or entity to which one wishes to deploy his/her phone. Some of the best “Phone Jobs” pay passive income; we’ll explain later. In most cases there will be the need for your phone to wear a “uniform” which we’ll call an “App/Homepage”, set up a way to fund the account and send payouts in cash , crypto or both.

Sounds daunting? The truth is, with a little effort even a “senior” could set his/her phone up for success. It’s always good to look around before committing your phone to one of these type of jobs; we have started a working relationship with two entities “Vidilook” and “Instant Recall”.

As with any working arrangements you can never sure if it ‘s the right fit for you or weather the enterprise will be there long enough for you to accomplish your objectives.

I am “metaphor Rick” a character who speaks in metaphors; it’s up to you to determine what this means to you. I have a saying ” I can’t teach anybody anything only make them think” So you know I can’t give any financial advice.

In other words Watch Me but Do You.

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