Sometimes History Don’t Repeat It Just Rythmes

Went back this past Sunday and read the story of Joseph where he told of a vision where in essence he foretold of a time to come where the “First would be Last and the “Last would be First” and the former would be looking to , depended on or bow down to the latter. As the story goes Joseph was hated (by his own family members) at first but in the end there was an act of forgiveness and show of love and this after years of difficulty and lean times.

The story could very well serve as beacon of Hope as we enter into uncertain times and many of us young and old aren’t able to envision the way through to better times.

If you should take the time to read the story with an open mind I’m sure God will reveal some of the deep and secret things that rhyme with today’s rhythm of Life.

As for me I don’t always “Like and Share” all of what God reveals to me; some is kept back until it comes to past then I do a sort of “Spiritual High Five” It’s a Personal Relationship that I enjoy.

In Conclusion I am suggesting that we activate our Joseph spirit that is down on the inside of us and use the vision to store up commodities for the coming months; remembering all of the Kings men could not see what was coming yet “your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.

Some Quick observations:

Although His Father had enough money he needed grain for his family and animals (he had animals on land in numerous counties) Landowner.

If you search you can find access to many commodities in quantities big and small that you are able to purchase and store in your various storehouses. Store up Coffee, Gold, Silver, Spices for the time when people will travel both near and far to trade in them.