Lloyd Jones on Domain Staging is like Home Staging

Domain Stagers Needed

Home Stagers stage Multi-million dollar Homes- Domain Stagers Stage Your Domain/s for Your Most Valuable Domain Clients. Having a list of “blockchain domains” of interest to billion dollar companies one should consider presenting it in the most favorable light displaying use cases that leap into the immediate future and far beyond. Unlike Dotcom Domains. “Blockchain Domains” are Next Level Assets of the Holder

On the webpage for the Name It should be explained the  importance of “Being First” refer to the article  https://www.forbes.com/sites/jerrymclaughlin/2011/12/28/the-importance-of-being-first/?sh=3c184ab829eb

Mention that when it comes to “Location, Location, Location” positioning on Web3 will be paramount to companies seeking to be thought of as “Forward Thinking” and ahead of the “Wait and see Crowd”