Twelve Years a Silver Slave

metaphoRick Explains

                     12 Years a Silver Slave    

Giants in the Land of Crypto & Metals              

I buried the Metals because I know how You are.

I traded the metals in other markets and profited

Surrounded by 13 bloodlines Gihazi asked what shall

we do? Praying open his eyes for there are more with Us.

BTC contains “wheat and tares” who on earth can separate the two?

To pull the loose thread of BTC could inadvertently unravel the fabric from the top.

What does it mean for the 40, 50, 60 year old to be “Twelve Years a Silver Slave”

To “Get Rich Quick” and to “Get Rich Quicker” are relative when it comes to age and life spans.

So now is “crypto” or “God’s money” the root of all evil in all their various forms?

Offering the 1st three a Candy bar or a 1oz. silver coin they all took the candy bar, Hmmm.

After the collapse there’s the “wait for things to calm down period” then the “educate the clueless” period.    

12 Years a Silver Slave