Growing microscopic gold

Buying and Growing Microscopic Gold

Buying and Growing Microscopic Gold

#itslike Buying and Growing Microscopic Gold

This is an awesome review for the simple reason it causes one to think to question and realize the value of what he/she has as a possessor of the KBC coin vs any other crypto. This Master Ninja either has a tremendous amount of humility or already know the answers to the questions and thoughts he’s provoking. Starting with does Crypto need to be backed by anything ? Yes and No : many cryptos have advanced in value without “Backing” but solely as a vehicle of speculators. Problem is the larger they grow in value into the hands of speculators/whales the more they grow out of the hands of the average/everyday user ex. costing $16 to move $50 worth of bitcoin to a friend or relative at that point the coin lost it’s value as a utility and became subject to volatility of the whales moving in and out. Note Gold has not moved out of the 12-1300 range in the last year. At present KBC is only 4% backed by gold; that’s 4% of about .011 USD the goal is to be 100% of whatever the dollar/euro/pound value ex. $6400 divided by $1231 (gold spot)= 5.19 ozs. of coarse 100% is a ways off but you get the point. They are pulling 3 kilos a day from their own mine, an affiliate only helper ICO,fees derived from the worlds first Cripto-bank,a goal of fees from 1 million ATMs worldwide,and much more (read white paper again).Our houses are called “Real” Estate for a good reason; they’re REAL you and /or your buyer’s eyes can see them, hands can touch them and they can be easily judged with houses that are comparable; cryptos can’t . So even with a minimum of 1000 kbc I can buy the smallest amount of gold in the world at 4% of a pennies worth attached to a coin that is decreasing in availability and increasing in value WoW spelled backwards WoW!!! PS Ask Your Tax Adviser can Gold stored outside of Your Country be taxed? Watch the Video A Place to Grow Coins

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