Growing microscopic gold
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Growing microscopic gold

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Is This This?

A Company allows you to purchase and store one of it’s “Gold Bullion Products”, store it in a Vault; it also permits you add to your allotted and numbered gold at small increments of your choosing For this example we’ll say a 3.5 oz. gold bar is around $8135 and someone buys $3.00 worth. This is a comparison of what $3.00 worth of 3.5 oz. gold bar valued at $8135.00 would look like when viewed with the naked eye.

If you have $3.00 worth of gold, which is approximately 0.000369 ounces (based on the current market price of gold), it would be practically impossible to see with the naked eye. Gold is an incredibly dense material, and such a tiny amount would be virtually invisible without magnification.

On the other hand, a 3.5 oz. gold bar valued at $8135.00 would be quite substantial. It would be about the size of a standard chocolate bar but much denser due to gold’s properties. This would definitely be visible and easily recognizable by the human eye.

So, the difference in visibility between $3.00 worth of gold and a 3.5 oz. gold bar valued at $8135.00 would be like comparing a speck of dust to a brick in terms of size and visibility.

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