Take Out an Abortion Policy

Take Out an “Abortion Policy” if You Gonna Do it Anyway

Genesis 18:12 Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also? 

Is this evidence that “pleasure” must be endured by at least one of the two parties to produce a fetus and if so must we all be mandated to make provisions for another’s pleasure and also assist in the final decision to destroy the consequential results with a portion of the sweat of our brow and a weight on our conscience; (our conscience) continually asking did I vote for this?

  All of that being said, at this writing the term “Abortion Policy” is not widely used and may exist only in the minds of the “Thought Racers” here at BIGINKDOTcom who have also “Blockchained” the term/idea at “Unstoppable Domains” for future reference should the idea gain traction and become a “Thing”

Don’t get it twisted we are not “Pro-Abortion” we’re just saying if one is going to be giving and receiving bits of pleasure then be prepared to cover the end results of your “choice” and also for your virgin who you “trained up in the way she should go”.

   In all humility we don’t proclaim to have all the answers for when it’s “not by choice” I am tempted to say in the words of Solomon T. in that case it’s “Every man/woman for themselves and the Good Lord will be for Us All” Peace