homeless1 crypto

Here we have “homeless1.crypto” standing in the median strip of a busy intersection in RVA. Anyone passing by can scan his QR code/public address to send him a donation at some later date or time. Once a week “homeless1” presents his wallet to the “walletmanagers.blockchain” who are the providers “walletsforthepoor.crypto” the balances are entered into smart contracts that build balances with various service providers of services like showers at “portable showers” one night stays or change of clothing.

homeless1.crypto is followed by “homeless2” to homeless2001 and so on. BETA STREET CHURCH is factious at this writing just to indicate what’s possible.

Some of the images in the collage were created using AI technology at DALL-E and the feasibility of the concept was also queried on openai’s Chatgtp the response was that it could work but that attention should paid to local ordinances and regulations.

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