Liquidity is not Just For The “Big Boys”

I have come to realize that not having a “CLEAR” knowledge of one’s Liquidity can cause a lot of grief and the bad part about it is no one that’s trying to sell you on an opportunity or investment is going to “THINK” it through for You.
I’ve been buying and holding small amounts of silver and gold and crypto-currencies as of late to hedge against the collapse of the U.S. dollar (see you tube videos about collapse) and this is what I’m learning and intend to teach L.L.O.Y.D. Leader Leaders Organized Youth Developers when it gets off the ground.

One must have a clear picture of “Liquidity” No matter how great the opportunity; it is You the individual or entity who decides how liquid Your cash or assets need to be and when it can be adjusted and all of this is closely tied to one’s faith and one’s weighing of perceived emergencies and his willingness to sacrifice loss of value while considering the impact; if any on one’s or the companies integrity.

1.A measure of the extent to which a person or organization has cash to meet immediate and short-term obligations, or assets that can be quickly converted to do this.
2.Accounting: The ability of current assets to meet current liabilities.
3.Investing: The ability to quickly convert an investment portfolio to cash with little or no loss in value.

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One way we build our Liquidity is by converting fiat and crypto to Tron and depositing it into a TronKing Smart Contract for compounding and withdrawals of earnings to our Dapp Wallets and then to our Financial Institutions or now our “Crypto Cards”  or Coinbase Get a Free Wallet

(None of this is Financial Advise just one of many routes we’ve taken.)

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