Was Trump a Jonah’s Gourd Prophesy

“I Will Rule Over You if You can Trust in My Shade” is a quote from very popular piece of literature. A people had become so thirsty for a great leader that they set out to find one and while they had a fairly good Idea of what the characteristics of a good Ruler was; they would seek out and query the most virtuous of prospective Rulers but none of them were willing step down to their level of corruption and deceit just for the sake of being named “Potential Ruler” or in today’s language “Presidential Candidate”

Then when they were nearly out of choices a “Bramble Bush /Tumble Weed” blew it’s self before them (weather by chance or permissive act of God) and they ask the Bramble to rule over them ; His response was (unlike the vine the fig tree or the Olive tree if You can trust in my shade I will be Your Ruler. (I will not take the responsibility of shading you during the heat of trying times) but I’ll be Ruler

There is a candidate who is more aware of the fast approach of a “Global Economic Collapse” and as a precursor has said He “hope it doesn’t happen two months into his Presidency” like he has given fair warning.

I say all that to say I may not want either the ruler that blew in by a strange wind or the one that was positioned before me by the “powers that be” but for the next four years I’ll let those that must choose that “Ruler” choose I thank those that gave me the Freedom Not to Vote if not for them that might be mandatory by now. So I’ll trust in the Vine to Cheer my Spirit ,the Fig tree to anoint and Bless me and the Olive Tree to provide for Me and all God’s People. BIGINKDOTcom
Trump and Jonah’s gourd
My friend I’ll call him Eli believes President Trump was sent by God he believes this along with his prophets and prophetess of choice. I also believe Trump was sent by God but for a different reason; that reason being the same reason the Gourd was sent to Jonah (to provide relief from the scourge of the masses who believed otherwise and then to take it away) to prove or reprove Jonah for his desire for God to exact wrath upon those who were so stiff-necked and unbelieving of his(God’s) words. He would choose to sit in the dessert waiting and watching under the “shade” of a I told you so Trump win.
I write this today this 26th day of July 2017 to proclaim ; like the Gourd a worm will be sent to devour Trump in one day (one God’s day) and my friend will also be angry for Trump the gourd’s demise more so than his compassion for the “Babes in Christ or those that are like cattle or sheep gone astray. I have of late heard my friend make comments like “not wanting to end up on the wrong side of history” and ” the Lord is going to take some of those Preachers who talk against Trump out of here”. This story of Jonah and the gourd is found in Jonah chapter 4 . In conclusion there is a word that reads like this “Where there are prophesies they shall fail but the word of God shall never fail”

Updated February 15, 2021 “A Look Back”