Unorthodox Thanks

"In All Things Give Thanks" Giving Unorthodox Thanks Omicron Angels, Abortion Escapees, Widows & Fatherless Border Crossers      And More     The Companies had no courage, so God sent up a…

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Pro choice- don’t “Jan6” Us

Msg from Pro Life to Strong Women at Pro Choice                       Please Don’t “Jan6” Us      As you the “Strong Women” of Pro Choice stand up and demand to have your…

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MetaphoRick Adds Streams for 2022
Tell your phone to get a JOB with Instant Recall

MetaphoRick Adds Streams for 2022

MetaphoRick says shower yourself with Streams of income Tell your phone to get a JOB with Instant Recall In the military throughout the ranks it is stressed that at all…

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Historical Truths over Reparations

Return Our History and Hidden Truths Unveiling the Hidden History: The Dark Races as the Builders of CivilizationIn the annals of history, much has been written about the rise…

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Israel in Paternity Court

The Unintended Consequences of the New War The Court has determined the You ARE NOT the True Israel, God's Chosen People and the DNA results are being made available for…

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Clips Search of Mold Breakers


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Clips Search of Mold Breakers When things began to change at DRIPNETWORK - We took notes Drip Coach 9/16/23:  Mean while prepare to sell the Faucet Code along with br34ps…



                             Ai  Ai  Oh! My Don't Be Scared                                                               What’s Possible Oftentimes when visiting a place with many attractions we are given a map at the entrance with a spot…

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homeless1 crypto

homeless1. crypto 1st of many Here we have "homeless1.crypto" standing in the median strip of a busy intersection in RVA. Anyone passing by can scan his QR code/public address to…

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Find the Hidden Idea

You know those pictures where You are ask to find the Hidden Animal or Object? Here you must find the "Hidden Idea or Ideas in the images or words that…

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a blockchain borg

Blockchain Borg Passing thru Web3 a blockchain borg 21st century message in a bottle floating through the webosphere at the web3 level, come aboard at "Unstoppable Domains" enter your messages,…

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