One Man’s Chair Another’s Throne

                           One Man’s Chair is Another Man’s Throne  

Then two men came before the throne of God kneeling in prayer both petitioning the need of a chair.

Then God, looking into their mind’s eye, granted them their request by sending them both into a forest of trees and turned to walk away.

   At that point one man stretched his hands out (palms up) as if to say “now what” and walked away into the forest to find his chair.

   The other man then cried out to God and said God you said in all of our getting to get an understanding.

   God smiled and said because you have called me into remembrance of my word I will send you a helper, in fact He will be the same Helper that “moved on the face of the waters” when I created the Earth. Know that you are a “King a Royal Priesthood” and that I have given you Dominion therefore speak as a King and reign over the resources and the workmanship of those that will be assigned to you. Now Go and Speak the Word Only.

    As the story goes; after many months of wandering in the forest the 1st finally came upon the “chair” he had prayed for; it was as though God had caused a tree to grow in the shape of a chair just for him without him having to raise a finger to cultivate its growth. There he sat in the midst of the forest alone he and his chair.

It came to past that one day that the other Man of Royalty (Man of God) while sitting on the “Throne” that he had designed and built with the help of “Grace Knowledge” and men of Workmanship and Skills; remembered the brother that had prayed and departed into the forest in search of the chair of his desire.

   The Royal Man of God sent out some of his followers into the forest (which he now owned) to find the man of which had prayed together with him to see if there was anything he could do to help him and to bring him before his throne.

   Upon his arrival the Royal Man said to the Mere Man; know that God knows the plans he have for you and although you have labored many months in a weary land, you are yet of the Kingdom. I will have a chair built for you to your liking; if you can but think it, that you might take on a higher image of yourself in Christ Jesus