Networking for the Cream not the Cow


We are coming after your Product because like “Cream it has risen to the Top” the fact that You have the most knowledgeable, tightest, and fastest growing “Team”in your company is of little interest to us and if necessary we will let your “Comp Plan” fall on us and overtake us, your company’s reputation has preceded itself we know we’ll get paid’
Who are we? We are on the “Procurers/Buyers” end of the “Random Rain Project” We are individuals, We are small businesses and We are Giant Corporations using your Members,IBO’s,Affiliates and other given names of those participating in your enterprise as “Middlemen “On Purpose”
There will be “Teams ” built by default.and large Retail Sale by seemingly stagnant Team Members due to the effect of the “Randomness” Stay Tuned..

Below are Articles and Links to products and services used by the “Administrator” and Followers of this site in most cases you will be directed away from the site so insure to match the avatar and company with the individual you intend to support.

It’s up to You Buy and /or Resell the milk/product or build a Team of “Milkers” and be paid “Residuals”

We all want to breathe Clean Air during these times. This Our Link to the best Products for “Making our Air Clean Again” for Home School and Business.

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