MetaphoRick’s Crypto Metaphors

                        MetaphoRick’s Crypto Metaphors   

                                Crypto has Optical Illusions     

Even “Billy Gates” can’t see all there is to see in the unfinished work of the Master’s Hand and neither can You or I (see article) “100% the Greater Fool Theory” 

  Consider this Nikola Tesla’s invention to Harness Electricity from the Atmosphere was either stolen or suppressed or both by the “Energy Giants” of his day; if only he had “Blockchained” it and presented it to the public in the form of an NFT to witness by the purchase of that NFT (even at a nominal cost) the would be thieves would risk considerable damage to their “Good Name” which meant everything back then (and has come full circle today)

   The “Word Cloud” attached to this article contain many hidden meanings and messages that challenges the viewers to Not look at the “Blockchain” through the magnifying glass of bitcoin only (it will have you Bug-eyed on the other side of the glass and in real life) and not as a consumer of abstract art or a fun loving “gamer “ but as an expert in your “market sector” a true visionary positioning to be Paid for Your IP or just to receive “props” for sharing a solution to a problem in your world. Remember Imagination is Everything?   See with Your Mind’s Eye.

Note* there are still “Giants” in this land/space so learn all you can and practice (even pay to practice) if you have to; Domains are like your 1st step to laying claim to your ideas, your Good Name or just to get in the path of traffic that will pay to own that perfect name, logo or phrase to scale or promote their business so strive to Be First.

You might want to grab a Domain at “Unstoppable Domains” to test your entrepreneurial skills. While you are at it might create a path to convert and channel funds to your financial institution (not advice).

    There is No Pass or Fail Here Just Keep Looking Until You See It 

There was an interesting article some years back on Forbes Magazine about “Being First ” by By Jerry McLaughlin (a good 2 min read) if you can dig it up.

At the “Business Ideas Group INK our “Brand is Business Ideas” and Solutions for whatever ales Mankind. “We won’t run out” and neither will we cease to assist the down trodden and oppressed of the world.

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Illusion In Black & White

Very relevant video on why you should consider purchasing Your Domain Name and embed it into the blockchain using “Unstoppable Domains”