MetaphoRick “It’s What I Do”

The Art of Being Sorry

                                It’s What I Do                                               

Woopi sorry      Rogan sorry       Chapelle sorry 

Woopi sorry; they want her replaced by a “Jew”

Question White Jew or “Stephen Darby Who are We” Black Jew

Rogan sorry; using wrong side of the “mis-information List”

                             MIS-INFORMATION LIST                 

   Gain of function          /       Animal to Human

Ivermectin for humans   /    Ivermectin for Horses

Mrna vaccines are new  /  Vaccines are Vaccines period

I have the Right to Mandate / High Courts may Dis-allow

    And on  and on and on ……………

Chapelle is sorry; the end of comedic ragging on those who can’t take it

                The end of “Broad-based Roasting as we know it”

The frog asked the scorpion on his back as they left the burning island; why did you sting me; now we are both going to drown? The Scorpion replied. “I’m a scorpion that’s what I do sting things”.            

Note: “Media Giants” give platforms to those that are great at their craft. Think not that it’s not factored in. Debates Troll, Controversy increase viewership, Fighters get in each other’s faces to hype the crowd. Wrestlers often dine together after the “Big Match” and they lol together. MetaphoRick & Lloyd