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Blockchain Underground Railroad to Financial Freedom

While maybe not the best metaphor or comparison the “Statue of Liberty” and the “Underground Railroad” they both symbolize a “People” moving from one social economic position in life to a more hopeful place; a place possessing the “Freedom of a Better Chance to Prosper.

For the sake of being “Forward Thinking and Solution Minded” we won’t go into the vast differences and challenges of the two people groups.

The object here is to paint a clearer picture of the immense value of the Blockchain to every Man, Woman Boy and Girl who might dare to advance their economic status or to simply to “carve their initials” in this towering oak of a “Ledger” (see Unstoppable Domains) that will likely exist as long as there is a power source to power a computer or cell phone somewhere on the planet. (or in space for that matter)

Why many won’t go. Many won’t leave the safety of their present state because of the “Deer in the Headlights” effect or should we say the “Deer in the Headlines” effect. When the headlines blast the ups and downs of various cryptos; the first thing one should ask is “Did It Break the Blockchain” if not there remains the opportunity to rebuild from whatever one has engraved in it or to start anew (for the poor so much the better)

We would like to leave you with this; Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins and exchanges ARE NOT the Blockchain . While many are using the Blockchain to store “Assets” there are some using it as a type of DNA of their thoughts and “Ideas For All Mankind” to leave as a permanent record of his/her contribution during their “Days Under The Sun”

For those concerned about Gov’t plots, cabals and powers that be; I pray that Your Eyes be Opened and You see that there are more with Us than with Them.

To get ideas for your first lifetime domain on Unstoppable Domains You can Visit our page on Opensea Our Motto is “We Ink What We Think” so the Blockchain is Our Wealthy Place Our Happy Place.