Know Your Religious Freedom of Speech

In Grade School probably 5th or 6th grade we were taught that an exception to “Free Speech” was One could not yell “Fire” in a crowded theater.

Then there was the teaching of how the Constitution granted “Religious Freedoms” (check is that singular or plural) , anyhow we digress. It seems we are entering a time where “Church and State” has come to a crossroad in America where individuals are discovering “Religious Truths” and expressing them in “Crowded Theaters” of the Entertainment industry once believed to be founded by (pause)…wait can we say that ? “Jews”; without being Labeled and destroyed financially or put on a “List” even if you are “broke” down to your thoughts and social media platform?

All of that being said; after you’ve watched a couple of the videos pictured and maybe googled (Jews invested in entertainment industry) you might understand why it’s hard for some to obey this: “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18 KJV

So the black person attending a predominantly black theater can stand and shout the “N” word and not cause a panic; add just one or two white persons into the mix, shouting the same “N” word and there is subject to be a fight, riot and a running for the exits. It stands to reason that through the act of eaves dropping on another culture’s theater/social media feed could hardly be considered a cause for panic by outsiders except it be the intentions of others seeking the opportunity to exact punishment on a particular individual or the old “I’m on your side “Psyop” for political gain.

Many Thanks to Pastor Stephen Darby for his research and leaving us a wealth of knowledge that was most likely intended to be hidden from a people yet as the ole hymn says “Still He speaks from Eternity” “Lift Him UP”

We apologize for using graphic over clickable links but we feel it’s better for inquiring minds to manually go there by entering a search. Peace