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Our goal in this “Clip’s” series is to present a constant flow of “Clips” from both In House content creators and Outside Creators that have had an impact on our own thoughts about future income generation to offset potential rising cost of goods and services. Will we make the right choices, choose the right answers and have the Faith and Courage to stand the Test of Time if need be? Will You?

So then our video are to make sense of opportunities in a way that most anyone can understand , from there we leave a few in depth video links to those that we deem as “Next Level” content creators and in some cases the actual Founders and their Teams.

To use our Links for getting started; while on this site you only need to click the REFERRAL Links outside this website it may be necessary to copy and paste the Links. This first Link links to one our first “Money Clips” Narrated by our own metaphoRick here He uses a metaphor to explain the “DripNetwork Faucet” that was created by “Forex Shark” over 2 years ago and has paid out 1% a day, Everyday. (no guarantee of future result) but it may be worth your while to look into it; you will need a “Buddy Address” You can use ours or find one on the site. We use the saying “More is “Caught than Taught” and leave it up to the individual to apply thought and reasoning to the point of making a decision. Here’s Our Referral link again we’ll do just fine with or without “Referrals” (crypto is a Solo Sport)

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