Civil Unrest Climate Change of the 3rd Dimension

The Other Climate Change
Climate Change of the 3rd Demension

Weather One believes in “Climate Change” caused by “Global Warming” is real and is the cause of more intense weather or not is and will continue to be of little to no consequence in the midst of or the projected path of a powerful , potentially destructive and deadly storm.

We will attempt to show a correlation between the formation, strengthening ,path of and damage caused by a hurricane and the flooding and tornadoes that often accompany them with a movement of Civil Unrest.

We will touch lightly on preparations to consider as “Storms” approach with the Idea that another Storm could be on the tail of or in the not too distant future of the one that happening.

Lastly we’ll talk of a possible Mindset to adapt to move forward proactively rather than sulking in the fact the the Storm chose You or Your business.

Without going into much detail hurricanes start with high pressure pushing into low pressure overs areas of warm waters. Sorta like the “Higher Ups” applying pressure on the lower classes in areas of heatedly debated (yet unsolved) issues. Because their paths are unpredictable as is the timing of their forward motion (no telling when they’ve had enough).

One should BE PREPARED to protect their property and lives if necessary. This means proper Insurance to cover rebuilding ; empathy for those who lost everything is heart wrenching but does little in the long road to putting things together again. In the heart of a big city be thinking Board up , pull-down security gates, glass break alarms, guard dogs and so on.

Another thing, be mindful that just as hurricanes spin off tornadoes and floods Civil unrest spin off bad elements of looters that spread into out lying areas (even residential areas) Be Prepared to protect your property. These “Spin offs” is the perfect occasion to describe the whole Storm as a Group of “Spin off Tornadoes” / Rioters, Looters as the Storm it’self ,when actually there is a part of the Storm (the Eye) that remains peaceful throughout while making it’s presence known to all with howling winds and cries of “No Justice No Peace”