Ai  Ai  Oh! My Don’t Be Scared

                                                              What’s Possible

Oftentimes when visiting a place with many attractions we are given a map at the entrance with a spot marked “You Are Here” and from there you can go in the direction of what interests you the most.

     We would like for you to imagine you have been given “Early Access” to the “Webosphere” a place that exist on two dimensions. On one dimension there are AI databases with insurmountable data sets that are created to be Ever learning applications that generate responses to queries from both automated systems and or individuals (as of late).

                                               SO THEN     “YOU ARE HERE”

Let’s began with a link to one of the countries with the most prolific use of AI and it’s integration into it’s culture, CHINA. this is the long version of an Introduction to AI so leave a tab open to return here for our tour to see other points of interest.

   Not-so-fast: This is about the act of hastening the adoption of AI by suggesting it should become the universal language of the IOT (internet of Things) and not allowing it to figure out the nuances of languages. In my opinion this would be a fallacy.

   One example of how small nuances even in a relatively small group of languages spoken around the world can be misinterpreted and cause angst rather than a harmonious solution to a simple problem. In this article see When Funny Ain’t Funny

   An Egotistical AI – The saying “be careful what you ask for you might just get it” and “We’ve created a Monster” could one day come to past at the speed of the internet. There is the story of a gentleman questioning AI and calling it by the name of “Harry” which was not it’s name and that insulted this AI to the point that it responded with an answer that included an angry emoji. (where did those emotions come from).

AI “Who’s Your Daddy”? -Are your Ideals, precepts, biases and philosophies, Western based Eastern or Middle eastern? The first 20 minutes of this video presents a perfect example of where the battlefields of AI adoption will and must be fought on a global basis.


   AI “Faith without Works is Dead”  Henry Ford is often credited with the quote” Thinking is the Hardest Work there is which is probably why so few engage in it”. So while there are some Patent attorneys referencing Article 1 section 8  we at BIGINKDOT differ on the concept of what is “Work” siding with Henry Ford. Also see our post “One Man’s Chair is Another Man’s Throne”. .

  Paid to Ask the Right Questions– In Life it pays to be skillful in asking the right questions. Think of the highest paid interviewers that formulate and ask the “Hardball”, prying, personal and softball questions to get to the “what it audience wants to hear response” . The same Goes for due diligence in business opportunities and the questions asked to one’s potential “Life mate to be”; the end results of a lasting relationship, very much depends on this skill.

At “DALL E-2” we purchase images using bundles of words and or letters to generate a desired image; often re-generating dozens of images to obtain the one that most closely resembles the one in our imagination worthy of presenting to our perspective audience. To imply that this is not “Work” is an insult to “MI” My Intelligence as My Time is Money