” Voting Questions of the GODLY” 

Decision Time
2020 Voting Thoughts

  • Asking for a Friend;

Before heading out vote the Voter was asked if there were any questions in relation to their beliefs and the act of voting and to make a list all of “Lines and Precepts” from their teachings that gave them pause and to rethink their initial decision.

Rethink and Repack Your Vote
All Packed Into Every Vote

Below is the “List” they would question in their minds of both “Parties and it’s leaders and their own conscience.

Having heard “They will call Good Evil and Evil Good”

They will be judging themselves by themselves

A Great MAN once told his followers to go and retrieve money from the fish’s mouth to pay the government taxes; did it matter that the government might use the money to fund acts such as persecuting the innocent? So then will the elected make it legal this term or illegal

Will you support with your vote to persecute the innocent who will die as a result of sanctions or collateral damage a result of bombing via “Defense Spending” or the access and use of legal abortion clinics.

Another great man also said all things were legal for him but not expedient. So then will the elected choose what’s legal for us this term or illegal the next?

So Should One vote and let his “Sister work out her own “Soul Salvation with fear an trembling”?

When told they should allow the land to lay fallow for a span of time and forgive debts and return land to the first owners did either party do any of this or do they (both parties) ever cease to rape the land until it reels and moan and the people of the land are denied a piece of the land of their fathers?

Can any “Good Thing come out of  Democrats or out of Republicans? Said with a bit of sarcasm; behold the both of them “In whom there is No Guile”

Once being told to “Trust No Man for Man is by nature a deceitful creature.

After all, The Capitalist GOD that says “You don’t work You don’t Eat” “to do your own business and to work with your own hands and the same GOD says he that give to the poor lend to the Lord. So then is there a Socialist side of GOD and a Political Party to match that says the “poor shall be with you always” and not to shut up your bowels against them.

There is a modern song that ask a question to a One Time Lover: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

However, whenever and if ever you cast your vote know that you have a “Choosy Lover” that cares more about You Choosing Him than who rules your Country . “He Got This”