rsz_canstockphoto17545068 rsz_canstockphoto17545068Search images for “vintage toy scooters” and you might see the skate board in it’s infancy .The young person who decided to remove the handle . weather on purpose or the end results of a nasty fall ; moved it closer to a skateboard then from 2 wheels to roller skate wheels and so on .

In Like manner I see us as the children of the evolution of the BLOCKCHAIN with the distinct advantage of being able to protect and profit from the BLOCKCHAIN as we grow it . Here is a link for a couple of companies that are already capitalizing on the trend at a corporate level.

We at BIGINKDOT will be sharing our “Ideas” on how to use it at an individual level. To start with we are “THINKing” that in the same way in the old days you could mail an invention back to yourself as a way of establishing some sort of “first to invent proof” by way of official US mail date stamp ; this “Poor Man’s Patent ” was determined to be an inefficient alternative bearing little strength against the rich patent thieves.

I feel it is up to us non-geek types to “break the handle off ” of this BLOCKCHAIN thing and not wait on the techies to tell us how to ride this phenomenal discovery (nobody owns it). I’ve been playing with it already; the other day I sent Bitcoin from one of my e-wallets to another one of my e-wallets and in the message box in hinted of one of my latest inventions with some code words only making sense when over-layed over my invention description.

While Bitcoin has a value that as of late struggles to reach a non – volatile state ; for my specific purpose it didn’t matter weather it was 260.00 or 2.60 it was there to get my multi-million dollar idea into the BLOCKCHAIN.

Tomorrow I’ll experiment with trigger/contingency aspect for contractual agreement .

We appreciate input from any aspiring attorneys patent or otherwise. BIGINKDOT

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