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. The J. Paul Getty Quote vs The 2.7 Recruiting Truth
The J. Paul Getty Quote is used in virtually every mlm presentation and it is a note worthy endeavor to desire the efforts of a hundred others than a thousand time your own however the “average” affiliate/IBO recruits only 2.7 others into his/her organization All of that is about to change!
It’s not going to be pretty as it will challenge all parties to give serious thought to advancing the industry at a pace that is more congruent to the technologies. The conventional philosophies are deep seated and for good reason they’ve bought us this far; but it’s not far enough the Economy’s of the world may falter and reset ;in the near future.; Network Marketing systems and other long standing binary systems will most likely be both the impetus and the “glue” that reboots the economy.
BIGINKDOT the Business Ideas Group Ink has the Idea , The Vision and the Faith in the Random Rain Project we will solicit help from all who might contribute to this cause from Creative Commons to Anonymous from the Intern to the Financial Genius We’ll Build It. together.
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In the game we’re all playing, the object is to get paid for all our endorsement.” Cash is King” but “Free for Life” is good too! In this economy we should travel with our team, squad,ministerial staff,frat or alliance; most companies pay enough commissions, profits and bonuses to cover cost of personal use. Visit one of our recommended sites for opportunities to earn and save. Consider Precious Metals for retirement and an inheritance! Coffee, Gold, Silver,Cryptocurrency even a cycle of Cash. Define Endorse – to accredit, advocate, affirm, approve, attest, authenticate, back-up, bless, boost, certify, champion, commend, confirm, defend, favor, give, a boost to, give, green light, give one’s word, give the go ahead, give the nod, go along with, go to bat for, guarantee, lend one”s name to, okay, praise, push, ratify, recommend, stand behind, sanction, stand up for, stamp for, subscribe to, sustain, uphold, vouch for, warrant, witness, LIKE.
After many years I believe there is a shift , a Transfer of Wealth and that by way of the internet it will rain on all but will only be lasting and without sorrow to those that practice Unity the way the law student practices Law and the Intern Medicine then like the Proverb Woman consider a piece of Land (Virtual Real Estate) buy into it (online business, money changers) Unify and do Good be kind one to the other occupy til he come. Lastly teach yourself “crypto currency” should you inherit or are gifted large sums of this currency you will want to know how to manage or at least move it to a safe place. Open a Coinbase account for your first Bitcoin Wallet BIGINKDOT will be sending out Random Bitcoin amounts to some of those who use the following link to open an account My 1st Bitcoin walletPurchase whatever $100 worth or the minimum or none for now and you may still receive a “Random Amount ” From Us !!!
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I Want Coinbase Baby

This Business Ideas Group Ink LLC site BIGINKDOT.COM has been created to host a plethora of ideas to invoke further thought through a network of Like Minds and anyone seeking to enrich their lives and thereby the lives of others.
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